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Why are my prices lower compared to other photographers

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

That is a question that is asked a lot of me a lot.

There is thinking out there that the more that a photographer charges the

better they are. I remember Peter Hurley about talking that on a Podcast. He

was charging $ 350.00 for 30 minute headshot and was told he was missing

his clientele as so many thought he was too cheap. He raised it slowly until today its over

$ 1500 for 30 minutes and he has people booked out for 6 months plus.

A person I know just entered into the photography business with that same philosophy and immediately set prices. At $ 400 per headshot session and you only get one image and a 2 hour event for $ 1800 with only receiving 45-60 photos and 5 retouched images. I know other people who have that same philosophy. The more they charge people will think they are really good. All great photographers practice their trade and keep up on latest technology and go to the same shows. All my images are edited nothing is left for the client to ask to

redo the photo.

I try to set pricing for people who want a good fair price and still get a great photographer without breaking the bank, as I know that weddings can be very expensive. I carry all the top equipment just like every other photographer.

I use 2 cameras at events, 1 of them is Nikon Z7 Mirrorless camera’s with 24-70 mm lenses and 1 is Nikon D750 DLSR for 70 to 200 , I have a 85mm micro lenses to bring out those rings you both exchanged. I even use the Nikon Z7 and a Z6 and new Z6II and even a Sony A7II mirrorless Camera. I carry wide angle and telephoto lenses all the time. I use flash a lot to take out the shadows on people’s faces so they get a great photo and bring studio lighting just in case for different situations that may arise at the event. I edit all photos with the most updated Adobe programs, Lightroom and Photoshop which I have been using for many years. I always shoot at High-resolution for all my photos and after imaging them I deliver them at high-resolution. I even do touch up a photos for hair, blemishes, wrinkles.

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