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Once in a while I get a couple that is asking for freebies, like extra time during the wedding, the raw images and raw video. some even try to get the wedding for free.

I get some that want all the raw video of the wedding at no charge to them. If they do not have it in the contract. I do turn off the video cameras while different items not in the contract are happening. Some only contract for 2 hours of video and then expect to get all

the video from the balance of the wedding.

I do get 1 to 2 couples a year that don't want to pay at all and they give me bad reviews on it.

One I did video for at a wedding 5 years ago, she never paid and has went to every website that does wedding, Knot, Gigasalad, etc and even a vendor that I set up at Expos with, I only asked to be paid, I know they paid the photographer and the minister.

I had one before Covid, did not pay me then over 1 year later came back to me asking to get

the video for free, as one of them was laid off during Covid. My response was did you pay the photographer, then I am expected to be paid too.

You have to pay me deposit and send back the contract otherwise I do not show up.

When I am finished I contact you and do expect to get paid.

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