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DLSR vs Mirrorless Cameras

I had a photographer make a statement on Instagram late last year that DLSR photographers are amateurs only Mirrorless photographers are true Professionals

In 2022 64 percent of professonal photographers use Mirrorless Cameras

and 45 percent of Amateur photographers use Mirrorless Cameras.

I looked up this person and they only started as a Professional in 2020 and they showed

these ridiculous photos one DLSR and one Mirrorless, the DLSR was underexposed and the Mirrorless was a bit overexposed to try to prove a point that she was a great photographer

I have used strictly DLSR cameras until Nikon came out with Mirrorless in 2019 then I purchase a Z6 which is great for both photography and videography, while still using my DLSR cameras then I purchase a SONY Mirrorless and Z7 that summer. Yes my wife used

a DLSR until her Nikon died. there is a lot of money tied up in cameras and lenses why

is a professional going to go out and buy new equipment if the older equipment still works.

Some cameras cost over 6K and then you have lenses that can go over 10k each, that is a

lot of money to just throw away.

I know some great photographers that still use DLSR cameras and don't intent to change

until they have to because DLSR are no longer manufactured.

if things still work for you why change it all depends on that person's point of view and if they

have money to throw away do it.

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